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Ready to find out what's holding you back?

You've likely tried a million and one things to reach your health goals so far, but there's one thing you haven't tried yet -- doing it with me.

Challenge accepted! Make this a reality:

- Never failing a diet again

- Creating new healthy habits you actually enjoy (that stick, finally)

- Feeling great without counting calories or hours in the gym

What can I help you with?

Foundation Package

Set and accomplish goals, Explore new foods, understand and reduce cravings, increase energy, feel better in your body, and improve personal relationships.

Pantry Purge

Pantry Purge

Are you ready to clean out your pantry and start fresh with healthy alternatives? Discover… how you can make your pantry healthier so you can become healthier too.

Gut Health

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Ready to find out what's holding you back?

Put your hand up if:
  • You're going through hormonal changes.
  • You're having gut disturbances.
  • You're worried about your weight or just plain worried.
  • You're tired, cranky, exhausted.....

Find what makes up YOUR way to living well by taking control, and having trust in your own ability to do this. Because the truth is that no-one knows you better than yourself.

I'm confident that this isn't your first rodeo - you've tried every diet and suggestion that friends, family and anybody else has told you that you have to do. You've dissected every flaw and had a heap of advise on what you should do. Well, it's time for you to tell yourself what you have to do - step up and speak your ow truth.

So click a date and book a free inquiry call with me and let's make a plan.

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Working With Heather



Heather has consistently been a sweetly tenacious supporter of my goals when I'm "winning", as well as a gentle uplifter of my spirits when I stumble.


Heather held me accountable by always remembering to ask about my progress with each of my goals.
Heather is very easy to talk to. She is very personable, and has a refreshing and positive attitude.
I would recommend Heather to anyone who needs a good caring listener to help them work through their struggles and challenges.


Heather let me see that it's ok to step back and let the carers look after my mum so I can look after myself.

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