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Hello there, and welcome. I’m so happy you’ve dropped by to meet me.

I grew up on a sheep station 50 miles from the nearest town. To me life was fresh air and healthy food but then I moved to the city to become a nurse. Life quickly became shift work, fast food and party time. As time went by, and my body felt the pressure of the lifestyle, and a diagnosis of an autoimmune thyroid condition – Hashimoto’s, changed my life forever.

Now I am committed to supporting people through information, education, entertainment and inspiration, and advocacy to feeling healthy again. Through my programs, you can take your own pace to health and wellness, with my support all the way. Most of the work however, comes from you between time. You are the hero of your story, I am just the director.

Eat well, chill out, and travel with me on this funky, fun journey of life.

While you're here, I invite you to enjoy the odd recipe, article, video and general chit chat. But if you have a yen to seriously, get to your most healthiest, happiest self, you are most welcome to book a free 15 minute enquiry call with me. You can then decide which program would be best for you. Book your enquiry session below.

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